M1kal's Poem's

As we move, calculate our tasks

We try on those assorted masks

In attempt for assimilation

We delve into the population

When our move widely cherished

We omit such a warm embrace

But we long for, ensuing perish

Coveting memory of its grace

Those who exploit with incentive

Dismissal coincides wayward virginity

Though its presence is only attentive

It exists as ones only affinity

Make our haste to master surrounding

For those in which we may embrace

Results we find are quite astounding

Their masks only rest upon the unveiled face


I find humor in the things they say

For in a sense they’re true

And I have to hear it day after day

For they live inside of you

My actions don’t reflect words you’ve spoken

I just choose not to contest

Even though born outspoken

I feel no need to protest

You think you do the world a favor

By spreading the unknown truth

In reality you choose to belabor

A key problem with our misguided youth

Girls who actions differ from your moral

Justified threw her beliefs

Feeling dominant based on your laurels

Leaves you focusing on mere leafs

Your speech is some how obligatory

Unaware they’re unkind

Different when you’re in the story

Suddenly wrong when its you at mind

Conjure your feelings since retired

Of being on the receiving end

Remove self from a discouraging choir

Instead voice words to defend


You want a night in shinning armor

How bout one with no arm hair

A younger less mature guy

One who worships you and you can rely

Hell be bald like you with a little more ease

A lot cuter then most and easy to squeeze

Won’t try to force sex in the back seat of your car

Before you he used to think that first was too far

He’ll always be fashionably on time

As well as your periods punctuality

Eating you out to him will be fine

Thinking it’s a part of his reality

His school gets out later

So there’s time for your friends

When he arrives to you he will cater

You’re the balance on which his world depends

So why not try going for that male adolescent

Only you will know he is prepubescent

No more annoyance with testosterone and masculinity

Find comfort in ability to earn his virginity

You will be his first true love

He will be your first male dove

Pure and clean unlike all the rest

So no need to settle for one you detest

So entertain the thought of one you can stand

But under the armor that’s a boy and not a man


They fell from the sky

Like a tear from a little boys eye

But this young fellow would dare not cry

Snow bound mountain laid in front of him

Bare as we come at the base

He looks up with little knowledge and understanding

Of this mountain or what it would soon be demanding

Surrounded by people he’s yet to know

They set him off up the mountain of snow

Inch by inch he gains a new garment

To shield the cold which aims to harm him

His mother equips with gloves

To warm his hand and show her love

His father hands him a hat

To keep him thinking and thinks like that

His brother placed pants at his feet

Next to the boots which were his sister’s treat

His grandmother handed him a thick fleece

There for when the temperature decreased

Up and up our young fellow went

Away form his family from whence he’d be sent

Alone and scaling faster over time

Enjoying the snow and its adventurous climb

With no expectation of such an event

Snowballs flew at him but on he went

Without reason the balls kept on flying

With the task at hand he kept on trying

Further and further till he slipped on some ice

Followed by scream of positive advice

His family was yelling keep going and that he had it

Not easily discouraged he refused to quit

After all his endeavors and problems at hand

Our boy was at mountains peak and finally a man

Looking down at all he had done

He sat to rest after his long run

There at his feet lay a long wooden sled

Hidden under a powdery snow bed

Finally his journey had become clear

He mounted the sled without an ounce of fear

Racing and surging down the frosted mountain he went

Slipping down the time he had spent

His footsteps and loved one flashed before his eyes

Until he reached the end with not surprised

He had come to the beginning and there he lay

As the snow started to cover him and his slay

Until he was covered and just a part of the hill

One man and his trip nothing to show but his will

It had brought him there and back

Only to be covered lying in his own tracks

All that was left was inside of him

As the snow turned dark as his eyes dimmed

There was only the mountain left standing

No more boy no more hike just our understanding


What you thought we had loyalty

Which do you think means more to me

Being blind or trying to see

You’ve been blindfolded but it will pass

Walking in circles as we pin shit t’your jack ass

I'm royalty

In order to foil me

Storm my castle and face my guards

Ill shuffle ideas with no regard

Then deal you out like a pack of cards

Deuces are tame compared to me

Shouldn’t be scared of me no muscles to see

Should be aware of me flexing brain

Trying to cope some, numbers the same

If you don’t get smart we can try again

All these times, ones got to be a winner

Or is it wiener and I was wrong

Enough about me lets get off with your thong

Once that’s done and Victoria’s Secret is out

We can aim for another winner in a new bout

Once I'm knocked out in your still standing

Ill get a rematch you’ll soon be demanding

The title of champ means nothing to me

The more I loose the more rematches I see

Tired of all this sweaty shit

I try to get away but I got no whip

So the only trip I'm forced to take

Is one with my eyes glazed over

Me half awake

Now my shits gone big mistake

That’s all gone and I'm happy is over

No more looking over both shoulders

Or staying inside afraid of being older

Just like Peter minus the Pan

Crocs get you hooked on tinkers and bells

Next thing we know were heading for hell

Three headed dogs down there with pimps who fry

Fuck that I'm more of a cat man heading for the sky

So ill take the high road all puns intended

As you take the low road but I don’t recommend it


Three men start at the end of a line

Three men, three approaches in mind

Off in every which direction every man goes

The first man helps every man in front

Things he hates doing but slilently he didn't grunt

The second man looked for others he knew

When a friend cried out BACKSYS off he flew

The third just waited alone at the end

And slowly the line moved on he too would transcend

Called lethargic imprudent mindless and rash

The others questioned why he stayed last

He said your squabbles are bellow me if you really must know

You try so hard in this line with nothing to show

It just keeps moving and us along for the ride

Forgive me for relaxing and not hitting it full stride

Ridiculed for his views and his objection to the rest

They gawked and gleamed with their flared out chests

Disappointed by their reaction the man continued to wait

Until he was first in line afore a towering gate

A attendant out front was perplexed by the third mans smile

When he dare inquired why he responded I've been here all the while

As all of those before me rushed to be behind this gate

I've always been behind it as it was my fate

The attendant retorted no you’ve been in line

The third man replied well physically but not in mind

They gazed at each other for a short while

Then the attendant replied to the man with his own smile

The third man was happy for he was no longer alone

The gates had opened, he was finally home


Four child

Gone wild

As children emerge

Forced by an urge

Pass a cherry splurge

Increase my face demographic

Causing thought traffic

Is there an evil within me

Closing pinning me to destructive actions

At least their speaking louder then my words

Whose main attraction

In my faction

Is your reaction

Without retraction

All in my coming attractions

So forget it don’t watch me

There’s a scene with a crotch and I'm rated R

Too many freckles

Too young for bars

So I choose not to drink

Well maybe if its outta the sink

Coming in speckles

Just like these views

Though I may bruise

Don’t you backseat me

If you choose to refuse

We can imagine were skiing

Going down the slopes

Unexpended ill show you the ropes

Just like your puppet you can pull me

Any position you like

If you’re a supper trooper ill salute ya

For making this car RamRod tonight

And as the children go away

I mold like clay

Into a groove ill grow out of one day

Without a peep I fall steep

Only watching not counting the sheep

My mind finally at rest

With my body sound asleep


Upon this day

Many men will word of choice

Choice being gay

Almost a waste of voice

A momentary eruption

From mans aperture

Will evoke such destruction

Indeed a derogatory slur

If thought being

Consideration first

Your words fleeing

A more dignified verse


Alone in my basement

Phone to my hip

Waiting complaisantly for the LCD to face me

As I answer my ear takes a sip

Swallowing words and digesting thought

And as I regurgitate knowledge to the adherent other end

A breeze of satisfaction blows threw me like the wind

Again alone I think of self

My actions far from deplorable

I've benefited ones health

To the mirror I'm not adorable

To self that’s as extraneous as wealth

So with all the confusion

I rely on trust

Finding out it’s an allusion

I pray to God “Help us”

Now confiding in perfection I can not touch

I elect promise within

And light up a Dutch


Your smoke spins like the wind entangled in sin like leaves and when you say please it means as little as snow in the spring with happiness being the only thing in which I care about and when your whereabouts are unknown by letter email or phone it leaves me with no mirror and only your smoke so with nothing getting clearer fuck it lets toke

(Gurly who wanted one on, not me... Can you guess?)

Your eyes penetrate my heart and awaken my soul
Your laugh brings warmth to my body to an extent I cannot control
Your smile radiates happiness that few would truly reveal
Your words are linked to truth with an unbreakable eternal seal
Your hands caress my face wiping away every care in the world
Your kiss makes my most impossible ambitions unfurl
Your tears, every drop overflowing with emotions only I can interpret
Your arms wrap around me shielding me from every hit
Your mind a mixture of poetry, love, and fascinating dreams
With you my world is perfect, or so that's how it seems
Your lips on my lips, legs entangled, hearts in line
In this moment I am completely yours and you are forever mine
Fears of failing pour down like rain and tear me apart
But you as a whole steady my mind and direct my heart
I need every little bit of you complete and always there
Because you happen to be the only person for whom I truly care


When I wake with a feeling unsure

Provocative thoughts of “if” and “what we could’ve endured”

Even though I ensured I’d be loyal to you

I followed it partially but I feel I wasn’t entirely true

You ravaged my mind and engaged every thought

Rewriting words like love and diminishing what I had sought

You were a force stronger then my will

Lunging at my heart and securing the kill

I could not resist what I thought I could control

Replacing manipulation with a fully layered soul

Passion wasn’t scripted it was spontaneous and new

Breaking down my effrontery and leaving me askew

And as I lay awake remembering with our keen stars above

I reprove everything I chose to forsake and for giving up true love


The sun sets in fours in the sky

As everyone hates it and wants it to die

It’s easier to hate

Then to love and embrace

Starting this date

Sovereign has a new face

If you push to be different

You’re pulling away

And as you tug your identity

You shove your child astray

If you’re going to grow

Make sure it’s strong

You might as well know

That life’s not too long

And as the sun sets, always in fours

But keep the mind set, ill always be yours


Lazy every time I think

Driven crazy connecting links

Tired noticing all that’s wrong

Waking up the me that’s gone

Intimidated by the life undated

As I scare those who haven’t made it

My pen is power with my brains perception

My habits are instinct leading in the wrong direction

I crave attention

But my conscious is bare

If knowledge is power

I'm on a trip to take over this place

Insecurity is stronger

So I serve with grace

A child reborn with one more then yours

Acting like sensitivity is the worst of cares

As for the fours it’s who I am

Already a general, not yet a man


Subtle and obscure

Into a rainbow of thought

As you see the allure

From another point of view

Fastened on your downfalls on one side

Enclosed in your upbringing

As the walls fall the others sing

The homecoming king

On a voyage far away

But prince charming you’re kissed

So out of the wake

There are no excuses

Not to be your own great

Rather then being useless

In that mindless sort of state


If the write is nice

And the song is wrong

Then god loves the poet

Has to loathe the song

When the beat is dropped

And enter the hop

The words are there

With ears unaware

As if it’s the artists fear

People won’t like what they hear

But the writer isn’t wrong

Just a bit braver then the song


Don’t pretend

And then

Come close to the end

Pull away

Go on and live another day

With me thinking that life’s this way

I'm scarred and hurt

Lost and searching

And as my stomach is turning

I'm just yearning

To feel what is normal

Instead of this drama

If there’s no turmoil in your head

Then don’t bring it to the ring

And then try and take me to your bed

Your sheets are covered in blood

Soaked in mud

And you’re playing dirty

Acting all clean

Not what it seems

I’m up front with you

While your fronting the truth

You hold me clutch

And press on the gas

To speed me up

Then say were moving to fast

All I want is to be real

I don’t care about your friends

Just how you feel

And if this is where it ends

Then ill go away with my head down

Showing my crown

I'm no king

However you perceive me

And the words that I sling

I know I'm a part of you

Permeated and delighted

Inside you, why do you fight it

Just give me a call back if I got you excited

And I’ll fall back if you got someone else sighted

But don’t come back later when we were already there

Telling me you’re sorry and now you care

I ain’t god or claiming to be near it

But it’s our life captain and it’s your turn to steer it


In the passion and the thrill

The game not the drill

Battling will and glory

Unravels the story

Tied together at the lace

Where monsters meet face to face

Backfield where finesse meets power

As fifteen minutes turn to hours

Pushing across the battlefield lines

Only the thrill of the score in mind

Every man loving the game

As only half will experience shame

Of the end with one on top

Match over, but the game will never stop


For one person there is another

As we all hope

Will find each other

And as this may not be my cue

My vision has altered

And in it’s knew hue

I found you out of falter

For a sad kid

You seem to make me smile

And as my mouth tries to forbid

I think it’s been awhile

More money more beauty

Even though it doesn’t matter

And girl you’re a cutie

But not easy to flatter

Even though you might not stay

I just wanted you to know

I’ll never go away

You’ll always be my kiddo


Time dropping onto leaves

The trees soaked in memories

Skin to grass takes her back

Laying atop thousands of thoughts

The sky rumbles in the heat of passion

Telling the story of emotions

Sewn together by two

Interlocked in a dream

Surrounded by ideals

What may seem is not real

Is only the finest of her reality

Unequivocally how she feels

Brought by his personality

Culmination rises with the sun

Thousand thoughts dry

Solidly pressed against one

One can only imagine


I cannot cry and say the world has done me wrong

There is nothing to blame my misfortune upon

My happiness is at my own dispose

I cannot blame the world for not giving me a chance

There is nothing to blame my opportunities upon

Everything I ever needed to live I was born with

I cannot disgrace who I am

There is nothing to blame my imperfections upon

I am a child with reason, striving

There is nothing to blame immanent death upon

One must hope that life and death is eternal

I cannot shout because there is no one in my life

There is nothing to blame their actions upon

Time will come where we unite

I cannot clamor in the dark

There is nothing to blame my isolation upon

Knowing you has given me sight


There was one thing I wanted her to know

As she goes

So I whisper it to her nice and slow

As the months fall in a row

The phone rings answering on tip toe

Waiting for your words to show

You speak tickling my ego

As your sentences begin to flow

My cheeks have that ruby glow

Now your emotions make the quid pro quo

But I am quiet

Faintly she whisper‘s “You told me so.”

The blush in my cheeks begins to grow

“I never should of let you go!”

All the words I could have forcefully said

Lay adamantly crawled up in my throat near dead

Every precaution and every caveat

Doesn’t remove the overwhelming feat

That you pulled leaving me alone in the street

With no light to aid my sight

Blind to the world and broken inside

I was brought up from the riptide

Though I want to say something sarcastic and sly

The words “You told me so” echo

I break down and cry


The sly guy

Who lies…

To lay

And run away

The foxy girl

Who twirls …

Her curls

Looks are her laurels

Saying goes, ends justify the mean

While some justify being the lean…

With only two fingers and a dream

People wore things to be worn rather then wearing new things that are torn

They tear themselves a new one by not having any fun. All in time it will come, as soon as the medication period is done

So as I internally pick myself apart for all the things to start, start to stop, I think my mind should take a hop over, to your side of the rover

The worlds gone to the moon and you’re pushing nothing but rocks but I guess I’ll join you soon as you all stop playing with your cocks


Born alone but nothing with a thought

As life goes on the word is spoken to be taught

It is understood by the learned and it is what they teach

It is understood by the holy and it is what they preach

Picked apart in the minds of critical

It is advocated by the analytical

And till the final day

The stubborn will still be fighting threw the disarray

But it is everlasting

And it will never go away


You intrigue me

You appeal to me

You wean from my sheltered state

I've known you from then to this date

But I like right now when you’re just a car

Speeding down the highway from my mind to my heart

You bring me down from thinking I'm a star

To thinking I'm a blade of grass with you not to far apart

Laying on my back with the dragons twirling above

I think of you and what is love

As I click and listen with nothing to do

I hear the lyrics that make me think of you

Think of all the other broken feelings, times to “just try”

Compare that to when you look into my eyes

When you hear my voice and rejoice

When you lay next just to stay next

To me, your all there is

The hinge the holds my happiness

No kiss to reminisce just silence THAT’S bliss

Those will say rethink and wait some time

Well I've waited and time takes too much time

And as I rhyme every second away is worth a dime

You’ve left me broke but not broken

So now that I've spoken

I hope you have awoken

The feeling of perfection
Brought on by another
The feeling of affection
When we are together
The love I share
The way I care
I'm always there
For you
So don't you dare
Say you love me if its not true
Because all day my heart beats for you


"I want to get to know you!"

Well first let my start with reciting

Writings with no rhythms

And now you’ve got to show me

Who you are and yourself

My poems are the only one who knows me

Worlds knowledge of me is = to a poor mans wealth

But still I see your persistence

For instance, you call me all the time

Opening to me your mind and heart

Even w. a man w. many faces on there other line

And come time for our 2 lines to part

Emotions break like I miss you

That’s when I rely on the cold shoulder

Sorry for not having a tissue

But I'm afraid my hearts like a boulder

In which many girls have tried to roll away

Unlike Jesus I stay in the tomb

Let your emotions rise on the 3rd to live another day

While I stay in hell bound by emotional doom

But like a devout Christian

You’ve shown me

That I'm your mission

After I've eaten the apple from the tree

So now the rapture lies upon’us

Still you’re right there

But it least I've been honest

Better yet, least you care


Hold on to the bat with his life

Forever it was his favorite game

In 4th grade when girls and cars were lame

For his personality practice was its spine

Trying to improve his talent all the time

His father worked hard and bought him a bat

He got it at the store from a man named Pat

His bat stayed with him at all times

At parties, the car, and in lunch lines

Baseball was his life and what his career would be in

Like the stories about his Grandpa and how it had been

Last game of the season and his father had never seen him play

But he was not afraid because his father was coming that day

Bases load 2 down it was his turn to go

He looked in the stand but his father hadn’t showed

The game was over he had won, there stood a police man

The policeman spoke his father had crashed, the bad left his hand


It’s the nation

4child’s imagination

Its time for me to rise

As the rest of you fall

Its time for me rhyme

As the rest of you call

Self proclaimed leader

I need to get paid like a meter

My words are as epic as theater

And just like the tweeter

I'm the center

Of this city

My own mentor

The rest of you I pity

On the front lines

Urban soldiers

To bad I told’urs



4 stars

Highest honors

No cars to drive

Just livin the life

Minding my mind

My ryhme is fine dining

And the main course

Is knowledge that’ll

Leave your mind feeling hoarse

No words

Just silence

As I play your strings

Like a chinks with violins

A puppet master at my game

AND I'm white

THAT itself is lame

Its time for me to rise

As the rest of you fall

Its time for me rhyme


I implore
you to explore yourself
develop what’s u
know your own health
understand why your not that man
or the little girl with only one hand
learn from what you don’t know
I implore
this is the only way to grow
you question me
say oh philosopher what is this crazy philosophy
where can I obtain your ideology
why am I blind
wh y can you see?
I implore
your questions I adore
but there’s no knowledge store
and if there was you’d be broke
the cashier would see u and laugh
you are the worlds joke
the age limit on the store would be
10 more years then you
well where will I obtain these ten years?
How do I overcome my fears?
Why do you know more?
How do I implore?

Kid a

There will come
A day
Where you’ll run away
From the problems you’ve caused
By breaking laws
From your countless flaws
Which I’ve provided
You’ve never confided
You’re a personification
Of this wasted nation
By the time of my third occupation
You were not my kid a
That you’d been yesterday
I gave you shelter
And an empty plate
From which you never ate
I admit the food wasn’t that great
But I was there for you
That’s more then a street can do
My misguided youth
Tell me your truth
Do you hate me?
Or the mother I could never be?

Even my broken eyes

I see you with my eyes
I see you when its night
I see your failed tries
With my eyes closed tight
Drunk all these years
The source, of all my fears
For this I feel no remorse
I’m leaving you now
But for so long I’ve been gone
And because you allow
Me to be a pawn
While the breath of your yawn
Smells of the man
On the bear can
He is more close to you then I
But I will not lie down and die
For even a blind woman can see
There’s nothing here, for me

Four Child

Us four we got to stick
It’s lonely here
As our life clock slowly ticks
Was alone in this wasted land
Try to rebuild
Civilization with our hands

What to do

*Note*- The faster you read this poem the cooler it is, cooler is not a word to be used in that tense but whatever...

I wlil
Be tlod wht’as
I wlil
Be phesud
uOt of Sihgt
I wlil
eGt cahgut
tiWh out a
I wlil
laFl aelesp ih
I wlil
iSt hree wtih
My eeys csleod

Prozac Nation

Chicken wing
Hang spring
Lovely thing
Hear her sing
A song
That goes on
About me
And what we see
And how to be
I whistle
While I
Away from quirk
People in this
Prozac Nation
Involved in a
I try to see
What my life would
If I didn’t know
The people in my life
That goes
To the mall
Study hall
Don’t care for normality
Just there false
But here I am
With my
Thinking about her
The girl that I sing
For who I want more
In my life with my pain
And strife
My dull Edged knife that cuts
My tears each day
My brother’s
In a different way
He’s gay for thinking
About tomorrow Not
Well your gay
For bring others
That way
For waking up
And starting to say
What if I don’t be?
What if I try and
What she means to
What I had and
What I gave away
Each day
Because I think
I’m cool
Because I think
I rule
Because I’m the guy
Who makes you not?
Want to come to school
Who brings you down?
But in reality its
Just a
It can all change
I can rearrange
The way I live
For that simple
Bliss for that tender
Kiss upon her lips
But is her real
How do I?
About the opposite
That hates me so
Homosexuality isn’t
The way to go
But what do I show
To the kids that
Know I don’t dare go
An opposite flow
I dig girls but I’m never
Occasionally hugged
A lack of love will tear
Me down
To the ground
And ill take it out on you
For reasons that aren’t true
To make your soul
But I don’t even know
I don’t care what your wear
Act or dress
I don’t care if you hate me
Or could like me
All I know is that if I show
The respect you deserve
Maybe the love I serve
Will come back in turn
I will live and learn
I will long and yearn
For the time I say
I do
For the girl that says
I love you
But what do you care
About me
All you see is what I
Try to be
So you be
All you can be
You can go and join
The fucking army
All I want is peace
In my state of mind
No one running up behind
Me trying to take what I
Can’t see
So fuck you and your fairy tale
You and your Barbie doll
You’re a conformist
To the republican
To fight another
To own the world
At the expense of
A little girl who has
No dad can’t follow
Fads because
You laid him off-ed
Himself in front of his
Because of you the Corporate
So as you sit and read
About what is
About me, my family
And what I think about
Just know you cant try and
Whets been made
From slavery to the
Stereotypes are
But its only how you
About what you think and say
About how your hairstylist
Is a guy and how he's
Yaw I know this has all been
But I think are better of
Then being
And to the
You bring them
But who am I to
Judge I'm fuckin one of them
I’ve mentioned a lot of
And how they should change
In this
Prozac Nation

Life in a instant

Blue grass
Think fast
Life lasts
Then it passes
Away from you
Nothing you can do
But see it leave
Fall to the ground
Lives all around
People wonder
Where your life went
People wonder
Where your money’s spent
People wonder
Why isn’t there more
I wonder
What is it for?

Who the fuck is Phil?

Man in brown comes once a week
Here to deliver, never to speak

He is nice and has a fuzzy beard
He has an accent that is kinda weird

He’s from Jersey or some foreign land
He’s lonely, no ring on his hand

I offered tea or whatever his people do
He said, “Fuck ye chalk’n about?” Maybe he’s a Jew?

I can’t say his name for privacy reasons
So I guess I just call him Mr. Brown
He was banished from Jersey for somthin like treason
Whenever I bring it up he laugh then frowns

Mr. Brown’s logo stands for UP South
Or Under Privileged Sons
I think his accent is from his broke mouth
He showed me a pic of his woman she was like 2 tons

Well I get home from work and wait for his big truck
When he arrives I think, “Now today won’t suck”

Then the day when I different Mr. Brown came
His name was Phil, he talked normal, and he’s lame

I mean who is Phil, what the fuck?
I think I’m going to kill Phil
Trying to be Mr. Brown in his big UPS truck
Kinda like Kill Bill

They’ll be sword fights and ninjas and a guy named Buck
Buck is a small part of the movie he’s only here to fuck

But all this talk of foreign land
Makes me miss my foreign man

If Phil were any of characters he’d be buck
Because he's here to fuck
Up what I have

The more I think of him it makes me mad
And when I get mad it makes me sad
To think of all things we never said
Like what happens when you’re dead

But why would I want to bring death to Phil
I don’t know the guy so it’s not like Kill Bill

It’s not like I care I mean I have a wife
Why is Mr. Brown causing me strife?
I mean why can’t I forget and get on with my life

Is this what it is, I’m attracted to men?
I mean it feels like college all over again

Don’t get the wrong impression, I was drunk or high
Or maybe I fucked him for money trying to get by

I mean I was kind of attracted to my Dr. Dave
And I may of hooked up with him once at a rave

But my life is confusing and I don’t really care
About Buck or Phil or Dave or if Mr. Brown is anywhere

My life is fine and Phil will be better then Mr. Brown
But when I see Phil on the inside I know I’ll frown

And I don’t think ill see volume 2
Of Kill Bill
To satisfy my killing thrill
I can find better things to do

Like getting to know Phil and where he’s been banished from
And what he’s addicted to and what he does for fun

So I guess this is the end I think ill go to sleep
And out of my mind my troubles will seep

But seriously who the fuck is Phil?

No matter what...

Who will care for her without expensive clothes?
Who will care for her with her Jewish nose?

Who will care for her when her skirt is long?
Who will care for her when she doesn’t wear a thong?

Who will care for her without makeup on her face?
Who will care for her when her grades are a disgrace?

Who will care for her when she says no?
Who will care for her when she stops being a ho?

Who will care for her when she cries?
Who will care for her when she dies?

I will care for you when your life is tough
Because I care for you, not the other stuff…

When life gets hard, push up daisy's

My grandmother is going to die
I feel no need to cry
The sun is hot and hell is cold
In my heart you make a mold
My school is simple
When you think its tough
Scarred with pimples
My skin is rough
There is a girl I love
She loves me back
Her tears fly like a dove
For the audacity that I lack
Life is hard; it's the status quo
Heartache is my only foe
Things get harder as times go by
The more I think I want to die
Blue sky

The unquoted quote

My cosmic girl
I watch her twirl

Her dance of life
Her sharpened knife

Upon my heart she lay
With him she walks away

I try and reason her extensive scheme
A trick on me to my friends it seems

She was to good to be true
I wish the quote “I love you”

But all I have are the saved tears
Drenched my love of three years

She didn’t know the extent of it
She knew my face and where to spit

Now I am here at the top of my game
Getting with girls who I fancy lame

I sit and question why it troubles me so
From my heart I wish her to go

But she is there and will forever reside
To be with her would bring my heart alive

She is oblivious to my ongoing plight
I wish her to quote “I love you” tonight

The fastest, not fast enough

Jack was only nine
When he lit up for the first time
His parents thought it was fine
Till he got into crime
He said that’s life on the street
After the first kid he beat
With blood on all but his feet
He let the kid live, what a treat
Fucked his first at fourteen
Killed the bitch cause she was mean
Two later he had a son
And beat blacks for fun
Drugs are what his life was based
And he realized it was a waste
To his ma and pa he was a disgrace
The men who owed he now must face
But then the day
When he couldn’t pay
There dead his son lay
He too didn’t get far away

This poem is dedicated to the memory of Jack Puoci

He sat alone everyday
He was fat dumb and gay
Never did talk or tell them wrong
For he was used to it, it had gone on so long
He was a paper, torn with pain
He tried not to listen when they chanted his name
No one would stop them; they were in on the ride
They watch him be torn, they broke his pride
At night he lay awake and asked god why
He lay upon the tear-drenched pillow while he prayed to die
Then he was gone, wasn’t at school
Rumors roamed about the poor fool
Then they were told about how he was found
Head in noose, feet 8 inches from the ground
But there was a different look about him
His mouth stretched wide, face in a grin
For once in his life peace had been given
Because a life full of pain is a life not worth livin

*Note*- petroleumjello : write abouttt....
petroleumjello : what im gonna do if those poor bastards keep teasing me..

A look upon it and see his face
His eyes show his life, his disgrace
I am he and he is me
We both look and we both see
I am young and he is old
Threw this mirror a life is told
Time is not a living thing
Look into it and see your suffering
My face tells me to live my life
Live for tomorrow and reap the strife
We all get caught up in our plan
Of collages, cars, and wanting to be a man
Live for now, tomorrow will come
Say please, and thank you, always forgive everyone
Don’t get caught up in all the drugs
For your life will be in a bed hooked up to plugs
Be kind to girls no matter how they are to you
And do unto others for they will do to
So now I look always to see
The things you forget, he’s there to remind me

This journal is made to show how I feel
Some stories are fake some are real
Opinions are shared on how things should be
They are idealistic; I’m not claiming its me
I write when I want to and about what I choose
But give me suggestions; there are some I will use
I love to write poems, all will be mine
So don’t bother asking if I copied some offline
I'm not sure how long this site will last or if it will be a success
But if you don’t like it don’t poke fun of me, I try my best
Compliments are appreciated so do so if you want
For these poems ARE my life, just to be blunt
That’s all I have to say, and all that should be said
If I wrote for longer this poem would be ___

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